Assisted copulation with Karl.

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“Handicapped people get horny too. The problem is that even if they have a partner, the act of putting a wiener into a vagina and moving it around can be tricky when you lack certain motor skills. My friend Karl was the personal nurse for a severely disabled couple for about eight years. In addition to fulfilling his traditional nurse duties, he also helped them get seriously laid.

Doug and Jen were a married couple, both of whom suffered from muscular dystrophy. Doug recently died of pneumonia, but Karl said reminiscing about the good times–like when Doug accidentally came on him–helped with the mourning process. What Karl did for them is one of the nicest and most selfless things I can think of. Karl is an angel. A manually assisted blowjob angel from heaven who I hope washes his hands a lot.

Did you know you would be helping someone give handjobs when you got hired?
At first it was Jen’s nurse who had been helping them out. When she was going to leave for a different job, she approached me and asked if I’d be cool doing it. So when she left the baton was passed to me. It’s funny, Doug and Jen had her scout me out.

Were you putting them in position? Were you putting it in? What were you doing?
Well they have this track above their bed with a lift attached to it that rolls on the track. Attached to the lift there’s a cloth and canvas sling with straps affixed with hooks. I would put the sling underneath Doug or Jen and lift them up using the lift. It was designed for nurses who are too weak to put them in their chairs. Doug and Jen figured out how to modify it so it works more or less like a sex swing.

Doug could move his fingers, so I would put Jen in the lift and lower her down on his hand so he could wiggle his finger. And then I would get this vibrator and like position it in his hand so that it was on the right spot for Jen. So I’d do stuff like that and then I could just leave the room so they could concentrate on whatever they were doing. But for stuff like handjobs, I had to wrap Jen’s hand around his dick and basically move it myself. Essentially I was just using her hand to jack him off.

Did helping them out ever turn you on?
No, it never turned me on. I always tried to distance myself from what I was doing.

Did you feel a lot of pressure to give a good handjob?
Well, I mean, I wanted to give a good one because I wanted it to be over as quickly as possible. I was lucky that Doug, as a disabled man, never got a lot of sexual stimulation. It’s not like he was masturbating and stuff his whole life, so he was always a premature ejaculator, which I was very thankful for.

What are some of the gnarlier things that have happened?
I always wore gloves, but one time I wasn’t watching where I was aiming his dick and he came on my hand. Even though there was a glove there I still felt his cum land on my hand. It was one of the grossest things I felt in my time with them.

Also, doing the whole blow job thing, I’d have to, like, grab Jen’s head and move it on his dick, which is just weird. Like grabbing a girl’s head and forcing it on a dick. It’s just weird and violent and felt really strange. And, because she has muscular dystrophy, she couldn’t really move her mouth. So as soon as he came, it would just run out of her mouth, down her cheek, and into her hair. Cleaning the cum out of her hair was a bitch.

You said it went pretty quick. Did you ever try and get creative with positions?
No, it was pretty much always her on top. He couldn’t really tolerate being in any position other than his back. For some reason–it probably has to do with the disease–Jennifer’s pussy is tight. Like totally small. Like it was always painful for her to have sex. And Doug wasn’t really that big. I’d say below average, actually. But for some reason she could take it in the ass like nothing. She tried toys and tried sticking them in her pussy and she could only take it vibrating on the outside. But for some reason you could shove the thing in her butt like nothing. It was like backwards.”

Read the rest at Vice Magazine: AN INTERVIEW WITH A VOLUNTEER SEX NURSE – Viceland Today


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